Saturday, June 23, 2012

mY PBS weEk!! oh my EngLish..


first of all, need to be remember i am student teacher. as a trainee or student teacher, we have to undergo many steps before we really teach the pupils.

First, we have a "bengkel", this "bengkel" been held for the trainee to improve what can be improved. Thanks to the lecturer for all your comment and spirit.. ^_^

Next, we have the PBS week! for this week we have to collect all the materials for our PBS report. but honestly the first day I enter the school I'm totally lost.. not only me, but also my friends..they're also lost..haha... as all of us were lost, without any directions, we are just lingering around the school and "snap! snap! snap!" It's not that we got kidnapped but we take the pictures of the school. after that, we went back to the teachers' room. all of us tried hard to talk to the teachers...but...we didn't managed to did it as we all were afraid and don't know how to approach them. same goes to the other days of the week. but I'm glad we already approached the teachers and they response to us back...weee....I'm so happy.. >_<

but for sure, the PBS week already! it's the teaching time...huwaaa...

we are waiting for the headmaster....
I'm very afraid what will happen after this??? will I be able to teaches the pupils??? or will I teaches them wrong things??? seriously people thinks that being a teacher is easy...but actually, being a teacher has sooo many responsible...*ok i also thinks that being a teacher is easy...but the reality is...fuhh...=_="

anyway pray for what is best for me okay....=D

saTria aNgkaSa meNggEgar duNia!!
peAce yO!!! ^_^v